Carverss has been nearly 20 years in the making. Its backstory is lengthy, but it all started because of a woman who departed too early this mortal life. Unknowingly, her change of words would result in her niece being married and 20 years later, two of her three children and her niece opening and working a restaurant in the United States together.

Matt was living in Rio de Janeiro with Rafael, Bruno’s brother. Love struck by a photo on Rafael’s desk of his cousin Rebecca, Matt sent her a letter and soon after, the two were pen palling. Months later, Matt called Rafael’s mother, Leila, and asked her to help him buy flowers for Rebecca and write the words, “I adore you” on the note. Whether by mistake or intentionally we will never know, but she changed the words to read, “I love you.” This simple change resulted in Matt and Rebecca’s low-key relationship that probably would have gone nowhere into overdrive. They were engaged weeks later and married shortly after. Rebecca left the giant metropolis of Sao Paulo and came to Montana. With her love of cooking and after seeing a state full of hungry meat-eaters, she had a dream of bringing a Brazilian Steakhouse to Montana one day.

Bruno, Leila’s second son, grew up with a desire to be an attorney. He pursued this goal and became a successful attorney in Sao Paulo. After a few years of practicing law, a much-needed break/vacation brought him to Montana to visit Rebecca. Matt and Bruno became instant friends, both driven by hard work, ambition, and humor. This ambition led Bruno to make a life-changing decision to leave his career in Brazil and try to start a new life in the United States. He did so by traveling to another state and secured a job for one of the Brazilian Restaurant chains. Over the next 12 years, he climbed the ladder, working nearly every position across the United States, to become an expert, corporate trainer, and GM. His newfound career and expertise led to many discussions between he and Rebecca about opening a steakhouse.

Emi, also a successful attorney from Argentina, came into the picture when her travels brought her to Florida. She stumbled into Bruno, and it was love at first sight. The two were instantly connected and Emi knew she wanted to pursue a life with him. Leaving everything she knew and despite many around her advising her not to, she moved to Florida. Bruno and she were married and Emi started working in the Brazilian Steakhouse industry as well. Emi’s caring and upbeat personality, along with her work ethic, was an instant success and she soon became a corporate trainer, manager, and fan favorite.

Aline, Bruno’s younger sister, received her degree in Physical Therapy in Sao Paulo. While pursuing her education, she met Daniel at a church camp and they instantly bonded. The bond was so strong that when Daniel left on a two-year religious mission a mere two months after meeting Aline, Aline did not date anyone else and anxiously awaited his return. Two years later they tied the knot and went to work. However, life takes a turn sometimes and found themselves looking for new opportunities. They left everything and traveled to the United States. Daniel went to work in a Brazilian Steakhouse and again, due to his work ethic and high-demanding perfectionist personality, he quicky became a lead Carver and corporate trainer, truly an expert on the grill. Aline’s cooking skills and loving personality were soon brought to use as she also worked in the industry. She became a leader in no time and was soon running the food prep, salad bar, and desserts.

With so much talent in the family and the pursuit of the American dream, the puzzle pieces finally fell into place when financing was secured, and everyone decided to go for it. Two years of planning, construction, and prep was needed to make a dream a reality and today Carverss stands tall.

Carverss is committed to bringing Montana authentic Brazilian cuisine coupled with the best service around. Your experience should “Wow” you and our family is dedicated to making that happen.