Homemade Desserts

A traditional Brazilian delight, this hot and crispy cinnamon-sugar roll, with a moist creamy center, topped with caramel, and served with Vanilla ice cream, will put you at our grandma’s table.

Moist and warm layers of chocolate brownie, centered with vanilla ice cream bar dipped in rich milk chocolate, covered with Brigadeiro sauce, sprinkles & strawberries.

Rich and creamy Brazilian caramel flan. Unique!

A fluffy soft center sugar puff with a dry & crispy outside, mixed with strawberries & homemade milk cream.

A creamy blend of Amazon’s super berry, served with strawberries, bananas and topped with granola and homemade milk cream.

Your traditional cheesecake layered with Acaí sauce for an Amazon twist!

After Dinner Drinks

Godiva Chocolate Liquor, Irish Cream, Hazelnut, and Coffee Liquor, the whipped cream is just the first layer of luxury.

The perfect balance of D’arte Espresso, steamed milk and foam!

Well balanced, full-bodied & supremely smooth, this is the perfect coffee to sip & contemplate the meaning of life.

A dessert Wine! This Tawny Porto aged for 10 years has rich mature fruit flavors, beautifully mellowed with a luscious long finish.